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On this day in music history: July 10, 1985 - “Pop Life” by Prince & The Revolution is released. Written and produced by Prince, it is released as the second single issued from “Around The World In A Day”. With the “Purple Rain” film and soundtrack all but complete by early 1984, Prince will not rest on his laurels as he continues his prolific streak of writing and recording new material. “Pop Life” is written during this period, recording it at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA on February 19, 1984. The track will feature Prince playing most of the instruments with Sheila E. on drums, and Wendy and Lisa providing background vocals. The end of the song features a sample of a hostile audience yelling “throw the bum out” at Prince while opening for The Rolling Stones in 1981. The single is backed with the non LP B-side “Hello”, which is written in response to the criticism leveled at Prince due to him not participating in the recording of “We Are The World”, as well as the intrusiveness of the press in the wake of his huge mainstream success. Both “Pop Life” and “Hello” will be released with significantly long versions on a 12” single simultaneously with the 7”. The US 12” of “Pop” will feature a remix of that track by Sheila E., with the UK release including a different and much longer remix. The US 12” mix will make its CD debut on the compilation “Ultimate Prince” in 2006. “Pop Life” will peak at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #8 on the R&B singles chart.

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